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The infamous Jeffrey Epstein, a former financier now known to be a prolific criminal, was found dead in his jail cell Saturday morning, an apparent suicide to avoid standing trial. His numerous crimes range the full gamut from financial misconduct to organizing a sex-trafficking ring. He lived a lurid and lavish life, using his wealth to fund his debauched and twisted fantasies.

His death helped him escape public trial, and it also helped his many wealthy and powerful connections escape the damning testimony he could have given against them. Epstein has distorted justice and buried the truth. Although we may never know the full truth or full extent of Epstein’s wrongs, in a way his death has a kind of poetic, even theological, justice.

Sin, by its nature, is suicidal. By committing himself wholeheartedly to a life of sin against God, Epstein was rejecting the very source of his being. He traded the Creator for created things (Romans 1:25). Judas, who betrayed the Lord for a few pieces of silver, made the same satanic bargain and met the same suicidal end. To reject God is to reject life. “There is a way that seems right to man, but its end is the way to death” (Proverbs 14:12).


God, we ask that you would bring to light the full reaches of Epstein’s criminal enterprise. We also ask that you would use his life as a warning about where sin ultimately leads—death. Spur us on to choose life, to choose God’s righteousness instead of the fleeting pleasures of sin. Lead us by the power of the Spirit into the way of life.


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