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Last week, Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey sent a small tweet of support for democracy in Hong Kong: “Fight for freedom, stand with Hong Kong.” China’s government and its media outlets took strong offense to this. This created a problem because China is one of the most lucrative and receptive new audiences for the NBA. Although the tweet was quickly deleted and the NBA (and Morey himself) distanced themselves from its pro-democracy sentiments, the damage was already done.

China responded this week by cutting off many of its NBA contracts. In doing so, China has served notice not just to the NBA, but to every American business. If even one employee voices a word of dissent against the communist party, then the economic consequences will be swift and severe. Participating in the Chinese market requires adopting their cultural and political values, which leave no place for dissent or criticism.

In this increasingly dark world, we all will face a similar choice in our own lives. As Jesus said, “No one can serve two masters… You cannot serve God and money” (Matthew 6:19). Every single one of us will be forced to decide what we ultimately serve. Will we worship money and compromise our faith? Or will we worship God, giving up whatever is necessary to remain faithful to him?


God, we ask that you would keep us sober-minded in these last days, able to see clearly the challenges and choices we face. Reveal false loves in us—for money or power or comfort. Strengthen us, giving us fortitude and perseverance to continue choosing to serve you no matter the cost. Change us, by the power of the Holy Spirit, into a people who abound in love for you alone.


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