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Many liberal states are in the middle of legislative battles over whether to add “X” to official state documents, like driver’s licenses. This would provide a “non-binary” gender option for those who identify as neither male nor female. The “X” option is a pandora’s box. It can refer to those who identify as some combination of male and female, those who flow back and forth between the two, and others who are supposedly not gendered at all.

Interestingly, the legislative battles are often between liberals themselves. Even other cultural progressives, firmly committed to an anything-goes brand of tolerance, have had a hard time accepting the “X” option. For instance, it seems to destroy traditional feminism, since being a “woman” is now arbitrary and meaningless.

Early in Christian history, the church confronted the Gnostics, who taught that the body was an evil trap from which the soul must escape. The progressive gender movement is a resurrected Gnosticism. It imagines that our physical bodies are oppressing us, holding us back from who we really are inside. Against all this, Christians confess that our bodies were made by God and are therefore good. Our body tells us who we are, as God has made us—male or female.


God, help us to speak truth into a culture that has devolved into its own perversions and falsehoods. Give us wisdom to know how to proceed in everyday situations with coworkers and neighbors. May the church be a community committed to truth, loving one another and pointing each other to the freedom of living as we were designed by God. May we worship You as our Creator, submitting to You alone.


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