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According to a Guttmacher Institute study released this week, the US abortion rate has just reached a historic low in the Roe v. Wade era. As Christians, we might hope this is due to recent pro-life legislation and policies. But the picture is unclear. The rate has dropped throughout the country, not just in pro-life states. In fact, the rate dropped even faster in abortion-friendly states like California and New York between 2014 and 2017.

The study’s authors attribute the recent decline to two factors. First, they believe it could be due to more widespread use of birth control, which leads to fewer pregnancies. The second and very troubling reason they offer is an increase in “self-managed” abortions. The study only collected data from abortion providers. The authors admit it’s almost impossible to estimate how many women obtained abortion-causing drugs over the internet and administered them on their own. So it’s possible the abortion rate has not actually declined at all, but has instead become privatized and “self-managed.”

Much of our culture has relentlessly celebrated abortion. Despite this, women seeking abortions would still prefer not to look someone in the eye to ask for one. That says something. However much our culture revels in its freedom to end life, deep down every mother and father knows it’s wrong. The law of God is written on our hearts (Romans 2:15).


God, we ask that you would work in the hearts and minds of mothers and fathers throughout our country, convicting them of their responsibility to care for their children, even in the womb. May people in our culture come to see that the unborn baby is fully a child made in your image, formed by your artistry and wisdom. Give us wisdom as we seek to live out the Gospel with our whole lives. Make us bold to take action and speak the truth in love. 


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