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This week, the Health and Human Services (HHS) department warned the University Vermont Medical Center that they have violated federal law. After a lengthy investigation, the HHS found evidence that the Vermont hospital had forced Christian nurses to participate in abortion procedures against their will. Apparently, the Vermont hospital even labeled some abortion procedures as “miscarriages” or “medically necessary” when doctors knew this was a lie. They used these phony labels to deceive their pro-life employees. One pro-life Christian nurse recounted being tricked into assisting in an abortion and then facing the possibility of discipline, termination, or even the loss of her nursing license altogether if she left the room.

In the last half-century in America, pro-abortion forces like these doctors in Vermont have had their way. They can perform abortions on demand (and still receive federal funding while they’re at it). There was merely one small space carved out, meant to protect the right of pro-life health care providers not to participate in abortions. But even that is too much to ask from these rabid abortion-mongers in Vermont.

I guess we shouldn’t be too shocked. The same people who are so willing to dehumanize unborn children in the womb are also just as willing to dehumanize their pro-life Christian employees. This entire episode is a disgusting display of intolerance against Christianity and against basic human dignity.


God, we ask that you would work through our government to enforce laws and regulations that prevent this kind of blatant discrimination against Christians. We also ask that you would change the hearts of employers, bringing about tolerance and appreciation for pro-life employees. By your Spirit’s empowerment, make us faithful to the commands Christ has given us, despite the increasing costs it may bring in our lives.


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