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How certain are you that God really exists? Can you look back at your life and see any supernatural occurrences that could only be explained by the reality of God?

While supernatural experiences by definition are rare, they are occasionally necessary to confirm our faith in an invisible and sometimes seemingly distant God.

I have rarely if ever heard a message on the most miraculous event in Christ’s life next to the resurrection. It is an event commonly referred to as the transfiguration of Christ. It is this event above all others that confirmed to three of the apostles the identity of Christ and the reality of heaven. Interestingly, Luke tells us that these three men never spoke of this event until many years after Jesus’ resurrection and ascension back into heaven.

One thing is clear, this supernatural event, or milestone moment, encouraged these disciples in their relationship with Jesus Christ and reveal several truths that apply to us today.

  1.  Milestone Moments are Necessary

We are separated by 2,000 years from Christ’s visible appearance on the earth and do not see the visible manifestations of God that the Israelites experienced in the Old Testament, so we need some assurances along the way that there really is another world that though invisible is nevertheless real.

I believe God gives those to us occasionally. Can you look back in your life and identify one, two, or three things that have happened for which there can be no explanation other than the supernatural working of God?  It may be an answer to prayer, a word of encouragement spoken just at the right time, an exact need that was met in your life, a coincidence for which there can be no explanation.

  1.  Milestone Moments are Extraordinary

The word “supernatural” means above or beyond that which is natural. So by definition these events in our life are rare.  People who go around constantly babbling about miracles they experience everyday like a parking space miraculously opening up in front of the store when it was pouring down rain, trivialize real milestone moments.

Remember, you couldn’t get the apostles to even talk about their experience until decades after it happened. These kind of events are usually best kept to ourselves.  Be very wary of those who feel the need to regularly talk about miraculous events.

  1.  Milestone Moments are Secondary to God’s Word

Milestone events are meaningful, but they are also fleeting.  It wasn’t that long after this event, that we find Peter once again wavering in his faith when he denied that he even knew the Lord during one of his trials.

The impact of milestone events like transfigurations fade, but God’s Word endures forever.  The truth of this book is the surest foundation for our faith.

Those are important truths, but they are not the main truth of Luke 9.  This passage is not about us, it is about Jesus Christ. The key verse is verse 35: “This is My Son, My Chosen One; listen to Him!”

When you understand Who Jesus is and trust that He can lead you out of the darkness and into the light of God’s presence for all eternity, you have experienced what the three disciples experienced at the transfiguration.